Decibel Artforce

Already in 1996 the foundation of Decibel Artforce was laid. Their mutual love for music brought a couple of friends together. Out of this love and their friendship the „Brand“ Decibel Artforce established. That’s the beginning...!

We do not make music. We feel it!’ – This motto of Decibel Artforce stayed the same all over the years. It is their attitude to life! When the two guys hit the road, fun is their first priority so they always make sure to pull off a great show. Whether they play in a small club or on a huge stage, dressed up classy or even in their special LED-suit, the effect on the crow stays the same and everyone gets animated to move their body.

Although they have been playing regular shows all through the year for a long time, the quality of their performances still stands in the first place! You see – Decibel Artforce won’t quit, they keep going their way – join their journey!